• One sachet of COE should be used only for cooking oil fires of 700cc or less.
  • Do not cut to open the sachet. Do not toss or throw the sachet towards pan. To avoid the hot oil from splashing, drop in sachet gently.
  • Depending on the size of the fire, if first sachet does not extinguish, then gently drop in the second sachet.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Store sachet at room temperature. Do not store in very high or low temperatuure.
  • If anybody accidentally swallows the liquid in the sachet, spit it out immediately and consult a doctor.
  • If the liquid comes into contact with skin, rinse off immediately and consult a doctor if irritation occurs.
  • Cool the pan and clean thoroughly after use.
  • Cooking Oil Extinguisher (COE)
    We take a responsible social.
    In recent years, as the number of fires caused by cooking oil is increasing, many people have become increasingly concerned over the ineffectiveness of some firefighting tools for cooking oil fires.

    BONEX FIRE EXTINGUISHING SACHET(COE) is very effective at extinguishing cooking oil fires and it is as simple as dropping a sachet into the burning pan. The sachet is made of a special film which would melt under intense heat. When the special liquid in the sachet comes into contact with the burning oil, it creates a chemical reaction where the burning oil will turn simultaneously to incombustible material. Oil temperature will be reduced to achieve rapid extinction of fire.

    What is COE
    Cooking Oil Extingisher(COE) is a safety product that is easy to handle during an emergency. Its simple structure has been miniaturized and it is of a reasonable price. Its special compounded extinguishing chemicals make it possible to put out the first stage of COOKING OIL FIRE instantly with ONLY one COE sachet (less than 700cc cooking oil).
    The cause of cooking oil fire
    In most cases, when cooking oil is heated in a pan for more than 10 minutes, it will start to ignite. And within 5 minutes, the flames can reach up to the ceiling and spread to the wall. Once the cooking oil temperature reaches 370ºC, it will ignite spontaneously. The size of fire would be multiplied if we do not put it out instantly.
    DO NOT try to put out cooking oil fire with WATER!
    It is very difficult to extinguish burning oil compared with ordinary fire. Never extinguish an oil fire with water, otherwise the fire would surge up in a sudden. Using water to put out an oil fire will only spread the fire. In the past, many people were injured when they tried to fight oil fire using water. So please remember not to quench cooking oil fire with water.
    How To Use
    For cooking oil ONLY! ...
    Corresponding Fire :
    Operational Method :
    Weight :
    Main ingredient :
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    'Class F' Cooking oil 700cc or less (1 sachet) indoor safekeeping
    60g x 2 pcs
    Potassium Carbonate
    Printed on sachet
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