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Bonex company Japan is established to manufacture and market the throw-type fire extinguishers by offering an easier option in controlling initial fires. Main aim is to increase public awareness on fire prevention as well as to revolutionize the household and commercial fire extinguishing markets by introducing our simple to use, effectivve, cutting-edge products. Besides the consumer market, also develop rapid rescue kits and extinguishing agents for professional and industrial use.

Densed Foreign Trade company has started its operatios in 2012 as an Exclusive distributor of Bonex in Turkey. And our sister company Denar also has been founded by 2012 who has the sole Distributorship right of 11 countries which are North Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Iraq, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgizstan.

In fire extinguisher tools sector, our company is used to have the best possible service opportunity to the society together with its Professional, well experienced, dynamic team who is equipped with all the manners in order to povide customer oriented service attitude, can cope with rapidly improving technology , can present the best service suitable to international and national standards in order to secure your future , to protect the human life and people’s investments.

In the light of such informations,as Densed, we are very proud of serving to your good companies by 7/24 with our wide range of products which is continued to improve according to our customer’s needs and the developing technologies.

Our main aim is to increase the public awareness and to provide revolutionary service tools to society and commercial fire fighting companies together with our user friendly, environment friendly, hi tech, very effective products as FR 911 Flameout, COE ( Cooking oil extinguisher ) and Apex water.

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